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DDr Damber sah (Radiologist)


Degrees achieved   : MBBS (KU) and  Md Radiology

Date of Birth          : 2042/11/17   (1986/02/28)

Address                 : Kalyanpur Nagar palika ward no 11 siraha, (Nepal)

Work experience

  • 2 Year of work experience, worked as medical officer at Nepalgunj medical college  in emergency department and dialysis unit.
  • 5 years of work experience as radiologist National medical collage birgunj
  • Education(mention where you  studied and the time period order-wise)-
  • MBBS- Nepalgunj medical college (5.5 years) KU  Batch 2006
  • MD Radiology (-National medical collage Birgunj (3 years TU) Batch – 2014


Dr. Damber sah Radiologist

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Birgunj, Nepal
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